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A Message from Eritrean Canadian community

There are many stories about Eritrea. Some are accurate and some are not. One particular story that I liked to tell everyone as I was growing up outside Eritrea is a story about some Greek men who as they were roaming the red sea, 100s and 100s of years ago, found a special kind of sea flower near the shores of Eritrea. Dazzled by the beauty of that country that actually resembled the flower, they named it Eritous, hence the name Eritrea. We here today, as we have been for the past 54 years because we love our flower, as am sure you would all do if you knew about her. Our flower which has been subjected, in the words of the UN’s recent report, to ” a systematic violation of an array of human rights on a scope and scale seldom witnessed elsewhere in the world “We are here today to give a voice to he damning report by the UNCIHR, released on June, 8,2015 which established that the ” systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations ( committed by the Asmara regime) constitute crimes against humanity”.

We are here to say:

 If you are against sexual slavery, support us.

 If you are against systematic torture and forced disappearance, support us

If you believe in justice, equality and freedom, support us

and if you love flowers 🙂 you have to support us

                                                             Eritrean Canadian community

                                                         e-maile: justice4eritrea1@gmail.com

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