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Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner .

Human Rights Council Forty-first session 24 June–12 July 2019 Agenda item 2 Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and reports of the Office of the High Commissioner and the Secretary-General Australia, Austria, Belgium,* Bulgaria, Canada,* Croatia, Cyprus,* Czechia, Denmark, Estonia,* Finland,* France,* Germany,* Greece,* Iceland, …

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Eritrea: Motions passed by the Dutch Parliament

Martin Plaut Votes were held in the Dutch Parliament today following last week’s debate on Eritrea. Below are unofficial summaries of the resolutions adopted. Martin English summary of motions adopted and proposers Azmani and Sjoerdsma Given the evidence that the Eritrean embassy has an important role in the collection of …

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Draft resolution: Eritrea human rights

Martin Plaut / This draft is due to be discussed later today or tomorrow by the UN Human Rights Council. Importantly it: “Requests the General Assembly to submit the report and the oral updates of the commission of inquiry to the Security Council for its consideration and appropriate action, including …

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Notorious People Smuggler Arrested In Sudan

Sky News One of the world’s most wanted people smugglers has been arrested in Sudan, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has revealed. Mered Medhanie, known as “The General”, is believed to be the mastermind behind a major criminal organisation responsible for smuggling thousands of migrants from the Middle East …

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Poverty, Isolation, Removal: Asylum in the UK

by GRAHAM PEEBLES Migration is a major political and social issue throughout Europe; in the UK it is a highly emotive matter, distorted by the rabid right wing media and irresponsible politicians. The numbers of asylum seekers (people fleeing conflict and persecution of one kind or another) arriving in the …

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Flight from the territory of the absurd

In today’s French press, Eritrea, Africa’s forgotten emergency is revisited as thousands flee the totalitarian regime in Asmara to Europe.  La Croix At least 5,000 Eritreans flee the country in a permanent state of war every month some crossing over to Ethiopia while others have had to travel across the …

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