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Authoritarianism in Eritrea and the Migrant Crisis

Author: Zachary Laub Tens of thousands of Eritreans have arrived at Europe’s shores in recent years seeking asylum. They make up a significant share of the unprecedented stream of migrants and refugees making their way to the European Union, undertaking dangerous journeys while challenging the bloc to find a collective response consistent …

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UN accuses Eritrea of crimes against humanity

Eritrea – the home country of many of the migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean – has been accused by the UN of human rights violations on a “scope and scale seldom witnessed elsewhere” Many of the migrants currently attempting to cross the Mediterranean are from Eritrea Photo: Rowan Griffiths/PA By …

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Human Rights Watch: Eritrea Events of 2015

– Indefinite Military Service and Forced Labor Arbitrary Arrest, Prolonged Detention, and Inhumane Conditions Freedom of Speech and Association Freedom of Religion Refugee Policy Key International Actors – -Two key developments in 2015 highlighted the consequences of President Isaias Afwerki’s authoritarian rule: the continuing flow of Eritreans escaping the country, …

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